I’ll write down some news happening around me from the business point of view.

KAKIS business year is slowly going to the end. To reach our goal, we must still sell few KAKIS. That’s why I’m working very efficiently on finding new customers.

We also have some research and development goals till the end of the year. We are planning outdoor urinals for city centers and for renting. We are planning to produce a cheap but nice looking urinals. Soon we’ll post some information. 

The personal side project is the building of a tiny house on wheels through Institute mOBILNO to go. The project is called houzEKO. It was financed from Climate-KIC accelerator program. The house will be soon finished and put on the outdoor.

I’ll have to invest at least additional 20.000EUR to finish the house. I hope banks will listen to me.

I’m eager to start a part time project. I’d like to realize as soon as possible some project that I see them as hobbies but could be turn in some income. I’d like to make some funny tutorials about entrepreneurship, videos about cooking and some random sketches. Stay toon and follow me.