Welcome to my site. My name is David Kodarin and we will become best friends!

Don’t hesitate to visit my page, find my achievements and my projects.

My projects and competences

As civil engineer I worked in Slovenia on small (blocks, family houses, clean rooms) and big projects (Hotel, sewage treatment plant). In small engineering companies I was working also as sales person and product developer.

I want to leave a positive impact on our planet so I started my own nonprofit institute where we developed several dry toilet systems. We won several awards and we came several times in finals of many competitions.


I have finished my education as civil engineer in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After studies, I worked in several different companies in Slovenia and abroad. 

I felt that not so many people are tackle sustainability, I have decided to create my own sustainable product. I became an entrepreneur. First I opened a non profit institute, where we won some awards for our dry composting toilets. After a year we open a spin-off KAKIS. In May 2017 we are going to Amsterdam in Starupbootcamp accelerator. 

I feel I have many entrepreneur caracteristics. I am always trying to predict the future and to improve the actual products and services. In general I am positive, optimistic and hard working, always ready to share my time with family and friends.


I am trying to be as sustainable as possible. I am moving slowly to a zero waste lifestyle, I am using my bike as much as possible and I am already vegetarian for more then a decade.


Hello to the world

Hello hello. My name is David and I’m coming from a small country called Slovenia. I’m a fresh entrepreneur, appasionate of marketing, graphic design, sustainable architecture and Linux operation system. You will know me better during my posts that I will try to post regularly.  See you David Kodarin